Exit Planning

Represents the development and execution of a business strategy that allow owners to exit their business while optimizing shareholder value at the moment of the exit. Essentially, an exit strategy is a plan to help you transition out of the business while reducing risks and preserving value. There are several factors affecting the decision of the exit such as:

  • When is the right time to sell?
  • Is the business ready for a potential sale?
  • Does the business have the right infrastructure to allow a smooth transition?
  • What other non-financial considerations are important?
  • What are your retirement goals?

Since there is also personal implications involved, exit planning should start at least 3 years before the desired exit date to make sure everything is in place to ensure a smooth transition. We have experience advising entrepreneurs and business owners to exit their business successfully.  Since each case varies, it is highly advisable to plan ahead of time and develop an exit plan that fits your financial and personal needs.