Exit Readiness

When it comes to selling a company, it is crucial to have a strategy that allows the selling party to optimize the value of the same and eliminate all the risks associated with a purchase-sale transaction at the time of closing. Most entrepreneurs have not been exposed to this type of transactions and in most cases, your company represents the main asset of your professional life. We have experience and are certified to advise small and medium enterprises before and during the transaction to contribute to the success of it.

Some of the critical aspects before considering a transaction are:

  • Identify the right buyer
  • Manage the expectations of the seller and buyer
  • Identify and resolve possible issues that may arise
  • Prepare a corrective action plan to improve internal deficiencies
  • Have a well documented administrative structure to avoid risks (for example, having a non-compete of the key employees and having permissions / patents / insurance policies up to date)
  • Agree the appropriate structure for the transaction
  • Choose the precise time for sale
  • Work on a transition plan with the management team and key employees
  • Maintain the confidentiality of the process
  • Choose the right advisers
  • Planning is essential regardless of the transaction.

Planning with time for an event of these characteristics helps us to be better prepared and avoid surprises that affect the transaction. In most cases, planning has a direct impact on the creation of value in companies. Each transaction is different so we recommend that you get advice to make the right decision. Contact us to advise you about the Exit Readiness and how you can benefit.