Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions is a key business tool that helps companies identify and generate synergies, economies of scale and achieve greater competitiveness. Some of the benefits obtained in the process of M&A are to increase market share, reduce costs, diversify the customer base and improve profitability. Additionally, companies can acquire talent, intellectual property and other strategic assets almost immediately. The current economic situation coupled with the constant challenges facing most businesses within the middle market, particularly family businesses, have caused companies to form strategic alliances to explore new business opportunities and become more relevant in a market increasingly competitive and globalized.

We are certified by the Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors and advise companies in the process of identify key prospects, implement due diligence, perform negotiation and asset integration during a merger or acquisition. Normally we get involved from the initial analysis to due diligence and integration of companies. Among the services we offer during M & A are the initial valuation, transaction structuring, negotiation and monitoring of due diligence to closing of the transaction and integration.

The added value of Sullivan Consulting is based on experience and knowledge in the process of mergers and acquisitions of small and medium size businesses in the region. Although we specialize in the technology sector, we have participated in due diligence with companies in the retail industry, services, health and food, among others.