What we do?

We provide financial and business advisory services to the middle market segment.  Although we specialize in business valuation and M&A, we also provide a specialty services such as financial planning & analysis (FP&A), exit planning, lost profits, business interruption, fairness opinion, feasibility analysis, business planning among other services.

Our background and experience combined with a proven methodology and expertise contribute to the success of the engagements we participate in. Since each project is unique, we factor in the client’s needs and align expectations to ensure a successful outcome. We take pride on customizing each project and ensuring it meets the client’s goals.

Some of our competitive advantages are:

  • We apply previous experiences and leverage on best practices to ensure success
  • We have talented consultants with a diverse background who bring valuable expertise and industry knowledge
  • Our engagements are lead by senior resources with the necessary experience and know-how
  • We have developed strategic alliances and joint ventures to provide value-added services
  • Our fees are highly competitive and in some instances, we share the risk with the client.
  • We provide a high return on investment (ROI)

Contact us to learn about the process and the portfolio of services to see how can we help.