What We Do

Sullivan Consulting is committed to offering professional services and coaching to clients within the financial and organizational fields by focusing on the establishment and achievement of both qualitative and quantitative goals. Our methodology takes both a practical and realistic approach to your business; its designed to cater the organizational needs and the expectations you may have in implementing consulting solutions. Our main competitive advantages lie in:

> We use both our academic and practical experiences in the implementation and execution of our consulting solutions. Our past projects and track record allow us to increase the probability of success.

> Our projects have the backing of our entire team. Both Senior Consultants and Managing Partners actively participate in the designing and implementation of your project.

> Strategic alliances with international firms provide us with a strategic positioning of our services. We posses the tools and access to emerging markets which provide unique opportunities for business growth.

> Our Consulting rates are both competitive and mutually beneficial; they are designed to allow our resources to focus on the achievement of goals as opposed to the volume of work.